Dev Mode pricing plans are incredibly confusing and unfair

I know there are many other threads talking about this issue, but I want to highlight a particular case.

I’m working on a single project with a free plan. We are just two users: I’m a designer, the other user is developer. He only needs to inspect my design properly without editing, and has been using Dev Mode until now. The ONLY thing we need is keeping the Dev Mode for him. When I click on “upgrade”, we both appear as “clickable” for upgrading to two seats, but when I deselect me, it converts me directly in a “view-only” user. So if we want to remain the same but with Dev Mode for the developer, we have to pay for two seats!

How the hell don’t you offer a plan for just allowing developers to inspect the design properly, without converting him in a editor and without downgrading me to only-view?

Figma, did you really study this new move you made? Because I think it won’t have the consequences you want.


Yes. We need a “dev mode only” plan that is used only for developers and is separate from designer plans.


And needs to be cheaper, a lot cheaper. because Most of developer haven’t start using Figma at its full potential. As a matter of fact, Figma itself hasn’t reached its full potential for dev. Getting my organization to understand why now even developer needs a paid Figma account for dev-mode have been a very hard explanation for me right now.


They just want us to go back to Sketch, as they are sad they (founders) didn’t become billionaires from the Adobe deal :confused:


That’s it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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