Date selector - like in Airline companies

Hi there,

For the past week, I have been searching through youtube materials & also stressed out Chatgpt (almost until its breaking point) about how to do this … What I want to achieve is to create an interaction that contains a small box - departure date and when clicked it opens below a calendar containing 2 months, where the dates are shown (exactly like when you select departure date for a flight). I have managed to create the 2 months to have a hover effect on them with the mouse. What I cannot find materials on is - how to create an interaction when clicking on one day and then closing the calendar and seeing that date in the Departure date …
I would much appreciate if someone could help.

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Hi @Alex_M1,

You have 3 steps in your interaction from what I understood:

  1. toggle the calendar
  2. choose a date in the calendar
  3. display the date in the departure date

to focus on the 2nd to the 3rd steps you basically have to open the Protoype panel (shift+E) then click on the item representing a day from you calendar (the blue circle on my illustration) and then, from the plus icon, drag and drop the line to the frame with only the 3rd step

From there you should have a menu displaying options for the interaction between this two frames. By default it should work just fine. If you want to adjust the settings for something else I recommend to read the official documentation about it

Hope it helps