Copying designs from Page A to Page B resets some overrides to default

This is an enormous issue as issues are creeping into client-facing designs. Figma has always been reliable as an atomic design tool, but overrides are resetting when I copy and page components within the same page or to new pages and I can’t catch all of them.

This never used to happen, and it’s fundamental that it works. Our workflow has been developed utilising Figma’s capability as a design tool. That capability now seem unreliable, and it’s throwing my design team through a loop and clients are noticing.

It’s been prevalent for about 4 months and goes unfixed while gimmicks like custom cursors get added and removed each week. This is something we have noticed across out whole team, whether on mac or Windows.


Hey @Olly_the_Designer, thanks for reaching out and I understand your frustration!

I’d like to get a bit more context around this. What type of override is being lost when attempting to copy/paste between pages? For example, override text, color fill, etc.

In order for us to take proper troubleshooting steps, can you please send over a screen recording demonstrating the whole flow?

Additionally, if possible can you provide a direct link to the file here, and invite with “can edit” permission so we can look into this further? Note that users with emails on your team do not count towards your billing.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Gayani, thanks for your response.

I have provided access to Figma support for a file which now stuck as we can’t copy/paste components across pages which is critical to our workflow. As this is a commercial project, I can’t provide links or screen recordings to a public forum, but I will be able to engage in a private format if you’re able to reach out via email.

Generally, anything overridden is at risk of being reset, but we are also seeing things just break completely.

Below, I will attach two images. Areas have been blurred to respect client confidentiality as this is a commercial project.

When I copy this element out of a page:

It will paste and appear like this:

It appears that by pasting the element the following has broken:

  • Heading text has reset to lorem
  • Image has reset to default
  • Heart overlay has changed it’s scaling because a Desktop/Mobile boolean has reset
  • Field sizes in the donation UI have changed and broken randomly

This is happening across all our components and in all projects.

We spent hundreds of hours setting up a workflow tailored to Figma’s strengths. If Figma has changed and we must spend hundreds more hours finding new workflows, that’s not commercially viable to keep doing whenever Figma moves the goalposts.

I’d like to know if these issues are down to bugs, or whether the way we’ve used the atomic system is incorrect (despite working for years prior).

Any help you can provide would be very helpful. Thank you

Hey @Olly_the_Designer, thank a lot for sharing the details. This looks like a bug to me but support can give you further information on this.
I’ve just created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #1002747, for reference! Feel fee to delete the screenshots if you don’t want to leave this in the Forum, I’ve added these to the support ticket.

Please share the file link where you’ve invited with “can edit” permission so support can look into this further.

Our support team usually takes up to 24 hours to reply back to emails - tends to be quicker than that in normal circumstances. However, please be aware that we are facing increased contact volume so there might be a delay

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


Hi Gayani,

Thank you for sorting the ticket. We’ve not heard anything yet, so I was wondering if there was a place where the ticket will be updated that allows us to communicate with support?


Hey @Olly_the_Designer, apologies I’ve just flagged this internally, so someone from support should be in touch with you soon, so you should receive an email from us. You should have received my email on Thursday, could you confirm if you did receive it?

We are facing currently increased contact volume that’s why you haven’t been contacted yet. Apologies again!

I am experiencing what may be a similar issue as it pertains to our design system and utilizing components across files. Attached is a video recording of the experience.

When copying a component from the design system, the internal component overrides are not acknowledged within this file I’m working in. In a new file however, the component overrides are accepted. No library updates are available. I’ve attempted to remove & re-add the library but no dice. Any advice or solutions?

I added as an editor on our files.

Received and responded. Hopefully remedies/solutions can be found!