Copy and paste from illustrator

When copying and pasting an object from Adobe Illustrator, it becomes an image. How to copy and paste as a line drawing? By the way, I have checked SVG in the illustration environment settings.

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Hi Ayako, thanks for reaching out!
“To copy as a line drawing”, do you mean as vector import? Can you try exporting the vector as SVG from Illustrator and importing into Figma instead of copying and pasting to see if that works?

In order to troubleshoot, would you be able to share the SVG that you imported into Figma and a quick video of what you see in Illustrator compared to Figma and the steps? so we can try to reproduce the issue. Thank you!


Hi Celine, thank you for your guidance. I imported the vector into Figma as her SVG as instructed and it worked! Thank you very much!

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Yay! Thank you for confirming, glad it works now :grinning:

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Hey there!

To maintain vector format when copying from Illustrator, ensure your object is selected, then go to Edit > Copy. In your destination, use Edit > Paste Special > Paste in Place. This should preserve it as a line drawing. Double-check your SVG settings too.

Happy designing!

Hi Abidiqbal, thank you for your guidance. I will try it :blush:

Worked for me. Save as SVG1.1

SVG settings:

  • Use system fonts
  • Preserve illustrator editing capabilities
  • Save


  • Place SVG
  • Font will be retained. Except, it will be in Italics. Select all - CMD+i and all fonts are back to how your illustrator file was.


Hi Clevin, thank you for your guidance! I will try :blush: