Can't put a botton over an image

Hello there :slight_smile:
I’m a newbie!
I’m struggling in putting a button over an image…even though I continue select the button and send it to the front…
Can you help me understand whats going on?
Thank you :slight_smile:


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Fellow newbie here:
If rectangle 6 is the button you meant, then it’s probably because the image isn’t in the same frame as the button. Probably got out by accident but you can just drag it back into #homepage in the layers panel (under rectangle 6)

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Ela está no mesmo frame… :confused:

Hey Cláudia,
Thanks for reaching out to the community! Can you try to drag your Frame 1 (with the sub asset “Rectangle 6”) to the top of the “image 1” asset in your layer panel?
See the screenshot below . Hope this helps!

Thank you for your kind answer Celine :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, before I read it I deleted the Frame and create a new rectangle (in despair :x)
What should I do now?
Even worse, when I put on the presentation mode, the image just doesn’t appear :frowning:

You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: Hmm it depends on what your goal is, you can still recreate the frame if you wish.

I just what to put the rectangle over the image… I can’t do it :frowning: whats the easy way to do that?

You can create your rectangle, and in the left panel, drop it right before the image (as the screenshot I send) so the rectangle will be over the image.

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