Can't find billing info

why make this so hard? This should be in an obvious place. I read the info on the site seems to be out of date anyone know where this is? It’s supper annoying to look for billing info and writing in help chats instead of doing proper work. going rate this product way longer just because I wasting my time on things that should easily accessible.


Hey Eugene, thanks for reaching out! I’d be happy to help. Sorry for any confusion!

This article is helpful for all things billing-

  1. Open the file browser by logging in to your account at
  • If you’re in a specific Figma file, you can access the file browser by clicking > Back to files from the toolbar.
  1. Find the team name in the sidebar and click the toggle icon to access the Admin Console.
  2. Click the Billing tab.
  3. Find the invoice you want to download in the list. The most recent invoice is at the top.
  4. Click the View invoice link to open the invoice in Stripe.
  5. Click the View invoice details to view a detailed invoice.
  6. Click Download to save a copy of the invoice.

Here to help! Just reach out if you have any further questions.

I totally agree. No problem billing, but no luck finding an invoice.


Hey @Diane2 , are you not able to find the invoice following the steps above?

While your at it, can you set it so the new invoices can be forwarded or re-send with a button or something? I often have requests from clients where they don’t recieve the invoices even though i have input their e-mail.

Hey @Tommy_Wagelaar1, there’s no option to forward or resend the invoice. If your billing contact is not receiving the emails, you could also add to your contacts to make sure emails are delivered. For this you can contact our support team:

I literally just spent half an hour trying to figure this out as well. I literally hate how they’ve designed this. For some reason, every single other company in the world can make this process so much easier by default… yet the industry leader in digital design can’t? The irony here is painful.

How to access billing etc is so insanely difficult. And if I try and upgrade it tells me I need a work email. WTH? I can’t even downgrade my plan.

The pricing on the sign up page is deceiving, somehow FigJam is included in my plan but I dont use nor want to pay for it by do by default… what Figma tells me is a $12USD payment PM ends up being $30AUD PM.

I literally just straight up cancelled it.

-10/10 from me. Really, really annoyed.


No your direction are actually terrible.

Find the team name in the side bar… click the little icon that opens admin console. THERES NO FN words for admin console.

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Sorry for the confusion, @Pete_Radocaj!

We’ve updated the reply above to “Find the team name in the sidebar and click the toggle icon to access the Admin Console” for clarity.

Ideally, when you hover over the toggle icon, “Admin Console” appears, but we appreciate the feedback that this can definitely cause confusion for users trying to access their Billing for the first time. We’ll pass this feedback onto the team for improvement!

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