Can someone please explain why I can't see my other collections with layout property. I'm having organization plan though!

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Thanks for reaching out. As you may have already done, but pls let me check the situation. Have you checked if the variables you’d like to use are already published? If your team wants to share the variables across your organization, it need to be published in general.

Am I understanding the issue you are describing correctly? Please let me know if I’m missing any additional points. I want to make sure I am fully addressing your questions.


hey, thanks for responding. I’ve created two variable collections one is Brand 1 and other one is Brand 2. then, I created a frame and imported assets into is. Now I need to change the theme of the frame, so I try to switch theme to Brand2, but I can only see Brand 1 collection when I click the layer. How to get the collections of Brand2 ? I tried publishing library also, it didn’t work…

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Thanks for your reply! Have you checked the scoping of the variables that you’d like to show or publish? There’s a possibility that these are unchecked (sample attached). Could you check?


They are checked by default still it looks same. But I have other doubt, shoud we need to create same variables, values and everything in collection-2 also??

I attach images show how my variables panel looks like… Please check and share your thoughts.

Thanks for sharing! Please let me look into that. I will get back to you once I get any information. Thanks!

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I asked for help with internal team, ‌but could you share the file link? It seems we need to look into your file to investigate. Or if you’d prefer direct support, could you reach out to our support team via this form,

Thanks for your patience!


Hi! Was there a resolution to this problem? I’m experiencing the same thing.

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I am also experiencing the same thing -

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It could be depending your account and we’re having hard time to replicate this issue. So, could you reach out directly to the support team with a copy of your file:

Please make sure you use the email associated with your Figma account, include links to the file in question, and share access with Don’t worry, inviting us to view your file won’t impact your billing.