Can login to figma

Hi all can’t loging to Figma (macbook pro 2012) , when i try to login pops up borwser and it says that “Update or switch browsers. Download or upgrade to one of the following browsers to continue using Figma.” is there any way to login on my old mac?

i’m trying to open desktop version.

Great that you “Can login to figma”…

Sounds like you could switch your default browser to something that is supported? Then the login step would probably open in that?

Hi @Ra_Sa ,
Thanks for flagging this! Our engineer team is aware of this issue, and confirmed this should be fully resolved today.
If you are still seeing any issues with this from tomorrow onwards, please reach out to our technical team so they can investigate here.

While we investigate, we suggest using Figma in a different browser such as Google Chrome, and you can see additional information on how to setup browsers for Figma in this article: Configure your browser for Figma

Hope it helps, and apology for any disruption in your work!