Can i use figma for logo designing

Can i use figma for logo designing & graphics designing

Well , You sure can, due to the Pen and grid feature. Figma is a beauty.

But still Adobe illustrator is a more comprehensive choice for Logo design, However there is no stopping using Figma for that purpose.

Sure you can. I do it myself. The way you draw vector shapes differ a bit from Illustrator. In some aspects it’s easier, even if it lacks some useful tools.

Depend on your application actually.
If your design is only for web, app, online application, etc… then sure
If it’s for professional printing, then Figma does not support CMYK, so you better don’t.
However, if you just need a few print-out, your client doesn’t care about color management,… then Figma is good. With the help of some plugins to prepare an artboart for printing like Print for Figma | Figma Community
Print Prep | Figma Community

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