Can I edit a specific history via Plugin API?

Hello community :wave:
I’m developing a Figma plugin and I managed to get the list of version histories of the file via the Figma API${fileKey}/versions?page_size=20.
I managed to create a history thanks to figma.saveVersionHistoryAsync() but I can’t find a way to edit a version history, I have the version id but how can it be edited, is there an API?

Hi there,

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, we are not offering an API to edit a historical version of a file today using the Plugin API. If you’d be open to sharing more about the scenario/functionality you’re trying to build, could you share with us? I’d like to pass it along to our internal team for future improvements.


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Hi Toku, thank you very much for the reply. :pray:
The functionality consists of an internal management of the version histories so it would be really useful to have the possibility of modifying the version info via API as you can do directly from the right button inside the histories panel. At the moment I have managed to do this without going through the API but I would really like to do it in a “clean and legal” way.
Another very useful thing would be to add the ability to publish a library to the Figma API.
Thanks for your attention

Hi Gaetano,

Thanks for the details! I passed it on to our internal team for future improvements. We really appreciate your feedback!