Can Figma do modal overlays like Adobe XD?

I can’t seem to find a way to make Figma link to modal overlays like I can in Adobe XD. I figure there must be a way, but I’m not finding it. For example, I have a webpage and the user clicks a button that opens a modal with an information box and a darkened semi-transparent background that shows the webpage behind it. In XD, I can have a separate page with the modal. When I link the button to the modal, I select “overlay” and in review mode, it automatically shows the modal on top of the page (see attached). However in Figma, if I set it up that way, in review mode the modal just has a black background. It doesn’t show the page beneath it. It seems I have to duplicate the webpage and put it underneath the modal. This is a problem if any of the content on the main webpage is edited because then it doesn’t match what’s underneath the modal and I have to change that as well (I realize I could make it a component so all changes but I don’t necessarily want to when I’m in the creative flow of experimenting with a design.) Is there some trick I’m not aware of? Thank you in advance!

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Thank you!