Bulk Erase iPad PDF Annotations

I am working with a team member on uploading and annotating PDFs on her iPad using the FigJam app. She can use the eraser tool (with varied results) but with multiple sessions being run back-to-back, she is looking for a way to mass erase the PDF annotations to start fresh. How would I do this?

Hi, Unfortunately, FigJam currently doesn’t offer a built-in feature for mass erasing annotations on imported PDFs. However, depending on your workflow and the format of the annotations, there are a few workarounds you and your team member can consider:

1. Resetting the Canvas:

  • This option completely removes all content, including annotations and the original PDF, from the FigJam canvas. It’s a quick solution for starting fresh, but it discards all previous work.
  • To do this, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the canvas and select “Reset canvas.”

2. Deleting Individual Annotations:

  • This might not be ideal for a vast number of annotations, but if the number is manageable, your team member can use the selection tool to multi-select multiple annotations and then tap the delete button.

3. Using the Eraser Tool Strategically:

  • While the eraser tool in FigJam might not be perfect for bulk erasing, there are some clever ways to use it more efficiently:
    • Zoom in: Zooming in on the area with annotations before using the eraser can give your team member more control and precision.
    • Erase by Layer: If the annotations are grouped by layers, your team member can focus on erasing one layer at a time.
    • Hold and swipe: Holding and swiping the eraser across a larger area can be an efficient way to remove some annotations quickly.

If you have any further questions or need more specific advice, feel free to ask!