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Bring back Comment numbers

The newly-introduced (as of today Jan 5, 2022) Comments features seem to have dropped ID number from each Comment. Please bring it back. When collaborating in real-time over Zoom w multiple designers/developers/product folks (multiple times a day!) this now makes it very difficult to describe WHICH comment the team should be focused on.

Before today’s change, the leader of the disussion would simply tell everyone that she’s talking about Comment #25 (for example). Now there’s a new layer of complication in getting people to understand which Comment you’re actually talking about, since they no longer have unique numbers.


Yes 100% yes


Love everything excluding 1 huge factor. I can no longer see the comment number. This is huge because I used the number as a shortcut note on a seperate document that listed my action items in order of priority. The numbers are no longer there, which is a big deal for my current workflow.


100%. I just entered a new issue expressing this same sentiment, for a different reason. Losing the numbers makes it much more difficult now to have my 6-person team all looking at the same comment when we’re working collaboratively over Zoom.


10000% agree with bringing the numbers back, the decision to remove the #s has made things difficult to explain and ensure people are looking at the ‘same thing’


I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a problem with this. Is there any way to switch the comment icon back to a number instead of the name/photo of the person who made the comment?


Losing the comment numbers was such a huge mistake! We have lots of client feedback on projects and use those numbers to reference different comments. Not having those numbers now makes the whole process cumbersome, slow, and difficult.


Agree. Please bring back the numbers. The avatars aren’t as helpful.


100% Agree! Comment numbers were so helpful, please bring them back!

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Agree. Same issue here.

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Same issue! It frustrated my team members and clients as well!

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It’s impossible to navigate without comment numbers


This is absolutely INSANE.
We have over a hundred comments in out project and each of them was numbered, we cross-references from one comment to another using a combination of links and comment number - now it’s gone.

I love Figma, but such a stupid mistake is ridiculous, I am sorry.
Figma, please find a way to restore comment number display.


커뮤니케이션이 어려워졌습니다… Communication has become difficult.
도움… help…


The zoom in/out in the comment section can be great, BUT it was horrible without a comment number. My client and my team members, while we having a meeting, we cannot remember which comments we were talking about (as there is no number in the comment anymore), while there are so many comments we need to resolve.

Missing comments number makes us work much slower, as they needed to find ‘wait what comment I was about to fix again…’. The team members are very annoyed with these new changes.

If you and the community have any better resolve, let me know. Because the only suggestion I can get is to put back the number of the comment. Please!

Thanks again.


Completely agree! Return the numbers in the comments, please!

Now it is impossible to mention a specific comment in a private discussion out of Figma :((

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I can only agree with all the comments above. Please, at least make it an option to use numbers again.


Yes, please bring back comment ID! We’ve just lost all our references. Thanks


Bring back numbers to comments.


Our client was very surprised/annoyed with the disappearence of comment numbers today, during the call. Not only we reference them all the time. Sometimes when there are hundreds of comments they also do a spreadsheet, where we group comments (by numbers!) to figure out which team in product design/development/integration should be in charge of this particular bulk of work, and what information they need to solve this.

Please bring back the numbers, it’s more important than the avatars.