Anyone Explain me what I have to do?

  1. Use Figma to create wireframes and final prototypes. Follow best practices by using base components, auto-layout, and constraints.

  2. Use Tailwind UI Figma components. You must use these components and the associated design language as a starting point for your designs. You are free to make customizations and additional components as necessary.

  3. Research current organizational chart software for companies. Identify features that you like and dislike. Include screenshots in the Figma.

  4. Design low-fidelity wireframes.

  5. Design high-fidelity prototypes. Include screens for visualizing the hierarchy of different members, editing members’ profiles, and more. These should be able to be passed off to front-end engineers with no additional instructions.

  6. Ensure that every web screen has a mobile-responsive equivalent. Focus on a beautiful mobile screen to visualize a complex organizational chart hierarchy.

Seems like a good description of what you need to do :slight_smile: I’m tempted to say though that if you have to ask how to do these things, you may not be the right person to attempt them.

What sort of guidance did you have in mind?

Hello sir I am begineer

Sir I am searching for job.Since I am jobless. and this technology is new for me. But still learn and performing this challenge for job. Could you please help in that.

OK, well I would suggest searching for words like “experience design”, “wireframes” and “prototyping” along with “Figma” on YouTube. Watch as much as you can until the list you post starts to make sense (Ignore 3 and 6 for the moment to keep things simple), then maybe work out whether you can go on a course (eg experience design or web design).

Good luck!