Accidentally deleted the Homepage of my Project

Ugh, I accidentally deleted the Homepage of my draft project! I’m new to Figma so it will take ages to redo it.

And I didn’t think to do Ctrl-Z right away, so the ship sailed on that option.
I am taking the Coursera design course so I’m getting Figma for free. But I can’t see any Version control. And there are no Drafts under the Drafts tab. Any help?

If you deleted the whole document there is another tab that is called “Deleted” in top left corner of your window and you’ll probably find it.

Or if this is not the case and you deleted just a single Page inside document, then open your document, click at the “Chevron / Arrow down” icon right near Document name and choose “Show version history”, there you can find older versions and restore them or create a duplicate with restored version.

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thank you so much for the help