Ability to download all files in the project/team in bulk

As the title said, Allow us to download all files in the project in one bulk. It’s been in pain downloading file one by one (download as a local copy) as I get laid off from my company. If there’s a download-all, would be better than having to click each of the projects and download them manually one by one.

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It would be great to have a button in each team, let’s say next to ‘import/share buttons,’ for example, ‘Export/Save locally.’ I want to save all files from the team to my local storage. Doing it separately for each file is challenging. We need the possibility to select all files and save them with just one click to PC.

Thank you!

Hello, a topic already talk about it

Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve merged your request, @Golovco_Vadim, with an existing similar topic, as @matteogonzalez mentioned. We’ll ensure the feedback is passed along to the team, and we’ll use Votes to gauge interest from the community.