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A shortcut for 'Clip content'

is there a shortcut for Clip content? It would be handy to have one for quickly entering and exiting layers that are hidden by Clip content.

Hi Harald!

There’s no specific shortcut for this, however, you can use the Quick Actions menu to toggle clip content.
Once you use it, it will appear as a previously used command and you’ll be able to toggle it pretty quickly by hitting Cmd/Ctrl + P and then Enter.

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I suggest that a shortcut for ‘Clip content’ is added.

Thanks for your quick reply and suggestion. My preferred workflow would still be to have a separate shortcut. If Figma displayed clipped content in an alternative way, like f.ex. some sort of automatic hide/reveal of clipped content then that would enable a fast workflow. Currently, toggling seems to be the only way to view and edit clipped layers.

+1 Request a shortcut