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V/H Scrollbars support

When fully functional scrollbars will be available? I haven’t figured how to make them for my site project rather than make fake ones (basically making background element of scrollbar in scrollables and front element in fixed). It always stays pretty big to emulate the right behaviour of getting from start to end of scrollable area. It doesn’t “read” how many images are in the scroll list, like it does for example in yt, when it becoming smaller if the comments section is large. And creating second frame with same content but with an offset to the bottom to create smart animate isn’t really a good move, bcoz you got to be choosing between being able to scroll with the wheel and to stop wherever you want on the page or you’re like dragging between gallery elements which isn’t the desired result anyway.

Well ofc it can be just me not knowing some specific workaround or even feature, but anyway, I will be very appreciated if someone shares a better solution. It’s also strange cuz Figma canvas itself has both vbar and hbar, but you can’t prototype your own? Thanks in advance for any help!

Edit: Maybe (if there’s indeed scrollbars lack/issue and not me lol) the best solution would be an implementation of built-in interactive scrollbars feature, so it would attach to scrollable frames, so you could change it’s size, shape, color, opacity etc. ?


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