Pinch to zoom is broken again on mac!

please fix this bug

@Charles_Scheuer Would you mind providing more info? We haven’t been seeing any newer reports of pinch-to-zoom being an issue, but it is possible that Apple pushed out updates that potentially triggered this again.

  • What version of macOS you are using
  • Steps to reproduce the issue or steps you took before encountering the problem
  • When you started to see this issue
  • If you are able to reproduce this in Google maps as well
  • If you are seeing this in the browser, desktop application or both

^ If you haven’t already, could you please completely quit the app/browser you are using + restart your computer? It would be helpful to know if there are still problems after you do that.

macOS sonoma 14.4, but I got it once or twice before I updated

It just happened randomly and stopped allowing pinch while using a Figma file and happened a few (~4) times in the past 3 weeks

I was able to pinch to zoom in other apps and browser. This was in Figma for desktop with the latest update and happened after I restarted Figma. I didn’t restart my computer but it started working again after I checked and unchecked pinch to zoom mac settings several times.

Got it - this does sounds pretty similar to what we saw before, but it was alleviated by an Apple update. I don’t know if this is a regression on either end at the moment.

Since this is the first report I’ve seen about this since it was originally ‘fixed’ - I’m going to keep this open for others to add if they’ve seen this as well. It’s hard to get this to replicate (since it’s pretty sporadic), so I can’t really confirm what additional action can be taken just yet.

Hello, I’m having the same issue. I can’t zoom out past a certain point and I’ve tried all the recommended fixes and everything is up to date.