Zoom in/out sometimes fails, round 2

This drives me a bit nutty, and so I came in here to find a solution. Someone else raised it in here, but no resolution yet, and issue marked closed, so raising again.

Sometimes Figma will not let me zoom in and out using my trackpad. The same is true of my client, and neither of us could figure out how to resolve it. The result is it feels like we’re forced to type on a phone keyboard instead of a laptop keyboard - becomes frustrating very quickly.

This happens often enough, but not predictably, that I’m spending the time to post it in here. And the resolution is also not clear, but rebooting and closing down what I’m working on is taxing, esp. when sometimes it seems like it resolves itself (but again, can’t figure out why/how).

You can submit a bug report here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041468234-Submit-a-bug-report

But (if you are on a mac) you can either pinch or hold ctrl and scroll. Have you tried both when zoom is locked? Be sure to add that info to the bug report

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