Parent nested inside child variant, prototyping does not work

So when I create the master component (parent), copy it without detaching instance (because I want to be able to mass edit them quickly), create a new component with it and modify it when I go to prototype them to change on tap/click the prototyping only works one way but not back.

It gives an error saying: couldn’t play interaction because nested instance is swapped with its parent instance.

The only workout is to detach the instance before creating new component so the parents isn’t nested in the child. Which is annoying because if I have 20 instances and want to change the size I have to change all 20 instead of 1.

See video:

figma project test file:

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Figured out a solution:

  1. Take your master component and copy it twice, convert the two children to components
  2. Combine the two children as variants but not the master component
  3. Prototype the children and then use the copies of the children in your design

This way you have a master component to apply mass changes to the various children without having to change them each individually while allowing you to use the tap/click interactions without issues.

Solution file link (I kept the issue file, just look at the frame/components titled as solution):

Solution ref image: Screen-Shot-2021-12-12-at-4-26-17-PM — ImgBB

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