Instance of component cannot change state of parent component

I’m having trouble setting up a component that changes the state of its parent. The frustrating part is that there’s no indication that Figma doesn’t allow this setup, it just doesn’t let me pick a different variant from the drop-down.

I don’t seem to be able to add attachments to show my setup, but to reproduce:

  • Create component A with one variants
  • Create component B with two variants
  • Add component A as a child of component B. Add an On click → Change to interaction to the instance of component A. The two variants of component B will show up as options under the variant drop-down; you can open the drop-down, but you cannot select any variant besides the one that is already selected

Is this Figma’s intended behavior? I’ve run into this several times, and it’s causing a lot of time-consuming reconfiguration. I’ve also seen this described before, but with no response. I would have to detach any instance I want to do this with, making the instance system useless.


Bumping this thread because this is still happening. Any thoughts about this? It’s causing a lot of headache in my prototypes.

I have the same problem. It looks like a bug(. It seems this should be a typical case for prototyping full-fledged interface systems, but, surprisingly, no one else comes across this.


Having this problem too. Very disappointing because this is otherwise a very useful (and probably intended) feature. I can only imagine its a bug since the other variations appear in the dropdown, it just refuses to “commit” when you select it. I hope they read this and respond with a solution.

Right after typing this I discovered that it works if instead of trying to add the “change to” interaction to the frame containing my icon I can instead add it directly to the icon and it works as I imagined it should. I still consider this a bug or oversight but this will work for me for now

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I discovered this workaround too… it doesn’t always work with my setup and it convolutes my file by burying interactions into varying hierarchical levels, but it at least provides the needed functionality. I also discovered yesterday that, with component B selected, you can click and drag the + sign to one of the variants of component A and it will successfully create the needed link. Even still, changing the dropdown for the new interaction will make it lock up again, so this is clearly a bug.

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