Instance of component cannot change state of parent component

I’m having trouble setting up a component that changes the state of its parent. The frustrating part is that there’s no indication that Figma doesn’t allow this setup, it just doesn’t let me pick a different variant from the drop-down.

I don’t seem to be able to add attachments to show my setup, but to reproduce:

  • Create component A with one variants
  • Create component B with two variants
  • Add component A as a child of component B. Add an On click → Change to interaction to the instance of component A. The two variants of component B will show up as options under the variant drop-down; you can open the drop-down, but you cannot select any variant besides the one that is already selected

Is this Figma’s intended behavior? I’ve run into this several times, and it’s causing a lot of time-consuming reconfiguration. I’ve also seen this described before, but with no response. I would have to detach any instance I want to do this with, making the instance system useless.

Bumping this thread because this is still happening. Any thoughts about this? It’s causing a lot of headache in my prototypes.

I have the same problem. It looks like a bug(. It seems this should be a typical case for prototyping full-fledged interface systems, but, surprisingly, no one else comes across this.

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