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New Quick Actions is a regression

The new Quick Actions break workflows on non-english keyboards, e.g. German and change working effectiveness for the worse.

• Before, we could press Cmd+, on Mac, getting the searchable Menu
• Now, we can’t reach the “Quick” Actions by keyboard at all. Shortcuts like ⌘/, ⌘, etc – characters that need modifier keys – don’t work on German keyboards (at all). So, Quick Actions / Searchable Menu are actually worthless.

Please bring the old searchable menu WITH international shortcut back.

To make things worse, since you don’t put important things like “Copy Link” or “Quick Actions” an the MacOS Main Menu, we can’t even configure it with System Preferences (which is an unsatisfying workaround anyway).

Time for custom keyboard shortcuts with proper import/export features for user on different machines / for different users.


Yes! I’ve been so confused why I can’t access my plugins with my keyboard anymore. This is super frustrating and makes things so much more inefficient …

Been in touch with the support before and they’re aware of the problem, but it’s really sad to see how this doesn’t get prioritised. It’s a massive issue for non-US keyboard users and to me feels like such a massive design flaw not to keep all users in mind (not very inclusive).

There’s an ongoing feature request that you can vote for: Customizable shortcuts

Oh I just found this helpful tip here:

for non-US keyboards command + P is an alternative shortcut that should work


they just fixed it