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Fellow Germans, how do I open quick actions in Figma on a German Keyboard?

As the title says, I would really like to open the quick actions prompt with a keyboard shortcut as it is a lot faster, but I cant figure out what the key combination on a German QWERTZ layout is …



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Thanks, that worked! Do you happen to know a resource where I can look up the German shortcuts? Or was it just discovered through trial and error? :sweat_smile:

The shortcut for Quick action is written here: New Quick Actions Menu! ⚡

Well it is, but at least for me it is listed as ctrl + # which did not work

I was not aware (until recently) that Firefox browser doesn’t support these shortcuts. :dizzy_face:

@Arvid Are you using the Figma desktop app or directly in a web browser?

Both. Mostly desktop app, though :smiley: