Improve FIGMA not FigJam

Reading this article was the last straw… really???

There are several features/topics on this forum that daily power users of Figma would be so grateful to have implemented that would save countless clicks and time - yet something more ‘fun’ is prioritised for a product that is not relevant for most Figma users.

Some of the below features have been requested since before this forum was even created and yet they still wait in some backlog somewhere whilst washi tape effects are prioritised and implemented… If this carries on then Figma will be superseded by another tool that takes designers needs and requests seriously.

Wrap elements in Auto Layout to multiple lines

Negative values in Auto Layout

Partial CSS border support (independent borders for sides)

Min and Max Width for Auto Layout

Add Support for Variable Fonts

REM and “font-size” for Inspect

Prototyping | Conditional logic & variables

True Aspect Ratio Lock

Layer order in Auto-Layout


@Gareth the fastest way to rename Variant names and properties is to use the Rename layer feature to bulk edit/add/remove Varaints and Properties.


Here is a video to demonstrate:

Hey @Gareth thanks for sharing all of this feedback. The good news is that a lot of what you linked to in your post is currently being worked on and/or explored! :slight_smile: We really do take each bit of feedback seriously and are always working on improving both Figma and FigJam.

Can’t wait for you to see what the team has been working on! Stay tuned!


Hope Variable fonts is one of them!

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