Faster Sorting of Variants/Properties

Ever since after this update I’m having a hard time sorting the variants. Yes, components with lots of variants like different icons for example.
Whenever adding a new variant, I want it to be close to others that are related, such as “download” icon would be “close” to edit / copy / duplicate / share, etc. in the list of variants so it makes life easier finding it later.
Before it used to be so much easier to get them sorted since that panel was growing together with your component but now it’s a pita since I can see only 6 at a time in this new improved version and I can drag /move a value only 3 positions at a time. Not to mention that by default they’re sort of hidden as well.
Perhaps we can have a larger “Edit variant property” panel? One that grows with variants or the panel could use the same way of arranging them as before when we could have multiple on the same line so they were not taking up that much space?
Overall, working with the new component properties feels clumsy at best.

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The new variants UI is a mess tbh. I am not sure who Figma is testing their UI changes on, but it feels very disconnected from actual usage.

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Agree. Took me so much time to arrange a few icons I added in the list that I could not believe.
Even creating a simple component with two variants and naming the property as “A” and then the values “On” / “Off” is itself a journey now.

The new way using instance swap that Figma just introduced is ridiculous, since there is already a Property 1 with value set as Default -that I cannot change, so I’m adding a new one “Instance Swap” where I need to pick the instance. That looks and feels stupid, plus I end up with a property that is not used. So now I need to go back and delete that. Wait what? Is there something wrong with my Figma or am I missing somehting?

This would deserve to be reported as a BUG, but that would be wrong since Figma deliberately updated the Properties panel to work and behave like that -making things difficult and cumbersome. That’s sad.

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