Ultimate Christmas Wishlist 2022 πŸŽ…

  1. Official support for Figma Tokens integrated, instead of plugin (pleeeeease!). :partying_face:
  2. Styles for Strokes, Sizing, Space/Margins.
  3. Be able to set statuses on Frames in Comment mode, with custom text and color (similar to Zeplin).
  4. AutoLayout for multiple rows. Set the breakpoint behaviour when items should move to a new row.
  5. Swap library should support component variants.
  6. Be able to connect component properties from nested component properties.
  7. Search field for the layers. :mag:
  8. Component variants cleanup button = to automatically write labels and sort variants within the component. Today I do this manually (and I don’t like the plugin solutions). :smiling_face_with_tear:
  9. FigDoc, a documentation tool to easily (and beautifully) describe styles, components, functions and features. Similar to SuperNova, but Figmas own tool instead.

PS. Thanks for Dark Mode! :heart:

Thanks Figma for no. 7, Search field for the layers. :mag: :heart_eyes:


+1 and mostly number 5.
It does not make sense that nested componets canΒ΄t be swapped. I really need this!

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Can I just add a couple of things from my list here? :slight_smile:

Ability to have bi-directional sync between layer (component instance) name and text property on that instance. For me, that would simplify layer and property value management.

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