My wishlist for 2024

I’ve compiled a wishlist of desired updates for Figma in 2024. I’d love to hear your thoughts and additions. What features or improvements are on your wishlist?

Layout Features:

  • Enable aspect ratio customization for any object
  • Implement fixed aspect ratio functionality
  • Introduce width and height settings as percentage values
  • Introduce an option to limit width filling of wrapping items in auto-layout mode
  • Incorporate full 360° rotation capability

Variable Management:

  • Introduce opacity control for linked variables
  • Enable resizing of variable columns in the variable collections window
  • Implement drag-and-drop functionality for rearranging variable modes
  • Provide the capability to assign variables as page backgrounds
  • Extend variable functionality to all typography properties
  • Allow stacking of variables, such as multiple variables for stroke attributes

Component Property Enhancements:

  • Integrate an image picker for components (e.g., cards) to set custom background images
  • Add a color picker for customizing color options in components like tags
  • Enable selection or deselection of nested properties at all levels, not limited to direct child elements
  • Facilitate batch selection/deselection of all elements, particularly folders, in instance swap property configuration

Handoff Improvements:

  • Implement the creation of handoff collections to facilitate sharing and sorting of selected elements for developers
  • Introduce an option to conceal elements not prepared for development in dev mode

User Interface Enhancements:

  • Enable the addition of dividers in the pages container
  • Adjust the resources component inspector to automatically display components within folders, removing the need for manual expansion
  • Provide an option to hide the personal user avatar in the document activity section
  • Retain the last selected library or option in the resources inspector to improve user experience, moving away from the ‘recents’ feature
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Hey Sascha, thank you for sharing your feature request list with us! Please don’t forget to upvote your post.

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