Please improve Figma and not FigJam

My team is not using fig jam, we do not benefit from that. Instead, keep working on figma please.

– More Interactive Prototyping features
– Smarter and more advanced constrains (min-width, max-width, etc, see CSS)
– Customizable Keyboard shortcuts
– Improve/Extend Cmd+P, which for some reason has been separated form the quick menu
– And, most of all: Override of size and position in components


At the moment, all efforts are thrown at Figjam (because of the success of Miro, are the developers trying to take a piece for themselves?), and Figma does not receive new updates, all the new functions that were let in are simply unfinished. “auto layout”, “variants component”, “Figma mirror” etc… Will Figma have at least some development, or is it worth looking for a new tool?


… and: Make layer list search/filterable.

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