I genuinely HATE your billing

Seriously, could you make it more opaque and random?
I have to login and check every day what my team is has done so I don’t get accidentally overcharged? 3 month in a row I remove edit permissions from users who don’t need it, and there’s still ANOTHER view where permissions are presented differently and there you can see more editors you’ve missed. Disgusting.

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‘Another view’? I believe there might be some confusion. In Figma, there’s just one place where you manage your team. It has three parts: members, billing, and settings. Under ‘members,’ you can change the permissions. ‘Billing’ shows your costs and past bills. And in ‘settings,’ you can change your plan and how you pay, etc.

I find it confusing too… I never know where to go to check billing.

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My patience is also being tested to it’s limits.

After very unclear billing practices for FigJam, we have been trying to get a bill paid for our accidental “additional editors”.

First of all, it took me so much time to figure out why we got charged extra. Then, I finally got our accounting department to issue a check, we waited to hopefully see that stupid ‘invoice overdue’ banner go away. When after a while it hadn’t disappeared, I reached out to Figma to figure out why it was still there. Turns out THEY CHANGED THEIR BILLING ADDRESS and never notified us! So I go back to our Accounting Department, get the address changed, get them to re-send a check, and now weeks later, even with the new address, Figma can’t even find our payment.

I have been trying to get our bill payed since JULY 13TH.
I don’t know what is going on over there, but combined with deceptive billing practices, I am almost ready to throw in the towel on Figma.

Figma, do better by your clients.

Agreed. As a small self-learning team in a startup we were shocked to see we were billed for 7 people when we are only 2 designers in house. I did not know moving projects with past collaborators would count them as developers or editors qualified for billing.