Figma Account/Billing UX is abominable

Hate to say it but wow for a design company the Figma UX is tragic.

Just realized that after 2 years of using it one of the docs we have been using is in my “personal” account apparently, and our company account billing stopped? That account is now “locked”

So I wanted to find what card it was billing against and… there is NO WAY I can find to figure out how it used to be billing.

The ONLY thing I can find after far too much time trying to figure it out is to just add a new payment method??

Seriously. Too painful to even bother at this point. I’ll just stick with the free account until I feel more like dealing with this awful UX.

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Hey Brandon, apologies for the issues and I understand your frustration! I’ve created a support ticket on your behalf, so you’ll get some assistant sorting out your issue. You ticket number is #838466, for reference.