I'm getting angry at the sharing model and consider quitting the app

Let’s be real.
The sharing model is a dark pattern.
You’re a paying customer.
You share a file with editing rights to another paying customer, but from another org.
You’ll now be graced with the Secret Bill, that you will discover a month later.
Meanwhile a free user can have 2 editing seats.
No message says “Attention, this action will be billed each month”
Every time i have a client who wants to edit the copy, i have to explain i cannot give them access because they will be added to my org, and i’ll have to pay for each seat, even if themselves ARE ALREADY PAYING CUSTOMERS.
Way to go for a tool that’s supposed to be “for the digital world”.

I was happy to get out of Adobe and their horrible practices, to get back to them full circle with how you priced this and now the acquisition.
Worst: it’s been voiced over for years now, and yet nothing moved.

I’m angry, and now i’m seriously considering moving out of Figma.
This doesn’t help the freelancer i am, it just makes life more difficult.


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