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How to shrink pdf export?

Hello everyone !

I’ve created frames that I’d like to share easily in an easy to open way.

I thought of exporting the frames to pdf but it makes for such a heavy file that Figma loads for minutes and minutes and then freezes. The process never completes.

How do you efficiently export your frames to share them easily in a beautiful document ? pdf ? If yes, then how to you make sure the export is fast and efficient ?

If you don’t care about keeping objects in PDF as vector, you can export all frames as JPEG and then combine them into one PDF with other apps or online tools.

The main problem is there’s no font embedding in figma pdf export so all typography is converted to vector paths.

I figured out a way to decrease the size dramatically by using adobe acrobat and adobe distiller:

  1. Open pdf in Acrobat and save as PostScript filetype (.ps)

  2. Open Distiller and select “smallest filesize” in the drop down. This will optimize the vector paths amd reduce pixel-image quality

  3. Drag the PostScript file into Distiller and a new smaller sized pdf will be generated

Would be awsome if figma could support font-embedding!

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Hey that’s a good idea. I just tried and it’s great !

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Thank you. I might try that. What’s the favored way in the industry of sharing a few frames in a very easy to open way ? Am I weird in wanting to use pdf ?

Using figma you can also use the sharing function (no editing rights) and share the link to the project.

Pdf is not a bad idea because it keeps the vectors compared to a jpg/png so the quality and filesize is better.
Also some clients prefer an attached file they can use offline and share within the company

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I keep seeing people saying Figma converts text to outlines…
This never happened in my artwork. I have dozens of exported PDFs, some editorial work too, and text is always embedded and selectable.

Also, I just tend to compress the PDF using sites like iLovePDF to quickly compress what i export.

@Bruno_Figueiredo Try opening it up in an editor (Illustrator, Figma, Sketch…). It does outline the text. Having it selectable (not in Preview, but Acrobat) is not related to that, but OCR, etc.

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