Why my Figma always black screen?

when i open the project
the window Blink several times
finally the window black screen
This problem continues about one month
who can help me?

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I’ve had a very similar problem, the file opened, froze for a few seconds then the screen blinked black and the file was blank, only the layers showing on the left. I use figma on my browser and the solution for me was:
write chrome://flags/ in the url then search for WebGL Developer Extensions and WebGL Draft Extensions. enable them both. this did the trick

bear in mind, I’m far from tech savvy so even though this fix worked and I could work on my figma file again, I have no idea if this toggle can compromise my files or data in any way.

best of luck


@Nicholas thank you for the assistance, worked perfectly after application.

It crashed on my end to - I used to use Firefox for browsing. I switched to Chrome and it worked nicely. It’s a pity Firefox cannot support Figma properly…

I had a similar issue. When I opened some old files (a few months old), on the desktop app it was showing an empty canvas (however comments were there).

Once I opened the same file on the web (Chrome in my case), it showed up. After this, it also showed up on the desktop.

Thanks. After enabling WebGL Developer Extensions and WebGL Draft Extensions, my frames and layers shows.

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I fixed it by reinstalling Figma for kali linux


sudo su
dpkg -i fi

after you type fi you press tab to get autocomplete and then enter then open Figma