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Why I can't mention other people?

thanks for the info, but i think that is not the issue the topic starter and i have. i do not want to invite a collaborator to our team or a project.

based on the figma documentation, you can mention collaborators, that have only a role on a file:

Team members can also mention collaborators who only have a role on that specific file or project.

and in my case i can definitely not mention collaborators on a file but only team members. so the issue still persists.


Got it. In this case, the issue is definitely there.

I had just the same situation until I added every person to the team.

The original issue is still valid.

@Figma_Support I’m having the same issues as described above. Viewer-restricted team members with the same @domain can’t at mention another team member, even me as an editor.

Is now 2022 and almost half a year, I am the owner of the project and clients still can’t tag me in Figma to leave their comments. And there is no way to input the email address. If we can’t tag the person to leave comment (which we can do that before) , then it become a shared pdf file. Please fix this asap. Thanks.

this is solved by going to your “members” tab
Make sure the users are part of your team
if they are not you need to resend the invitation
see print screen - the users with the “No team - level permissions” can not be added to a comment via the @ function

I work with various clients using Figma. I can’t @-mention someone who’s been invited to the project, unless I also add them to our company Team? Which means we’ll be billed for their seat?

Hi, I just resolved it in my projects. Try this. Check at share button. My people was changed on can’t view. I changed it to can edit and it works.