Variant animations not working after latest release

It worked perfect earlier, but now hover/click states dont work. This has to be fixed ASAP, I have clients looking at the prototype.


Same issue here

Same issue here, but for the latest prototype file… not on the previous ones.

Yeah running into this issue myself. It’s ruining my ability to effectively prototype at the moment and seems to be getting worse the more I add to the file.

Is figma reading these feedback? I can’t work anymore on the animations since last update

Yeah, I’ve got the same issue I believe.
Driving me crazy. I get things working and then all of a sudden smart animate no longer works. Only seems to happen with variants.

I have the same problem! and I thought I’m doing something wrong with my animations, it’s really frustrating.
I found another issue like this posted months ago but nobody paid attention, a solution I found is that it works when you open the prototype from the browser (which it does), so that seems like a desktop app problem.

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