Interactions between variants don't work properly

Hi there.

I’m currently working on a webdesign for a client and I’d like to add some interactions (such as hoverstates). But neither ‘while hovering’ or ‘mouse enter/leave’ options are working properly. At first, it seemed to be working, but after a while the interactions seems to break down. The animations/interactions freeze and I need to press R to restart the preview.

Anyone here with the same problem? I have tried shutting down and open Figma again.

Can’t really design proper interactions this way, some help would be great!

I have the same issue for a couple days now, are there any solutions yet? Thanks!

It looks like the bug is fixed. I didn’t experience any trouble last thursday.
And for today, it seems like everything is working just fine.

Hope the same goes for you :slight_smile:

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