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Unable to "clone' a document through the api

Hi Everyone,

I am investigating the possibility of migrating a Multibrand Design System from Sketch to Figma. But running into some issues.

The current setup I created in Sketch works as follows.
• I have a core library with color styles / textstyles / border radii / dropshadows and all the components used for web / ios and Android.
• I use a plugin called Puzzle Tokens to inject styles from sass into sketch.
• Per Brand I have a .SCSS file that contains brand tokens and Dark theme tokens as well as paths to imagery that get applied as well.
• I have a shell script that clones the core library and runs the plugin to apply the branded tokens to each version of the cloned file. We run it periodically.
• The result is every Brand library is a 100% clone of the core library but with the right branding and theme applied to it.

The issue I know see is:
From what I understand there is no way of duplicating a figma Document through the api, which would mean I have to keep track of changes in multiple libraries.

The Brand/Theme tokens I could manage through the awsome Figma Tokens plugin.

Is there any way of getting close to the workflow I’ve setup in Sketch?

Thanks :pray: