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Multibrand Design System Setup

I would love to migrate a Multibrand Design system over to figma from Sketch, but there’s one big problem I cant seem to wrap my head around.

How would the followinig scenario work in figma:

  • a Vanilla component library that already uses a vanilla set of Design tokens (colors/fonts/radii/effects etc)
  • Brand library #1 that is a direct synced version of the vanilla component library that consumed a branded set of Design Tokens
  • Brand library #2 “ “

The goal here is to have the Brand libraries in sync with every component that is stored within the Vanilla Library. But have their own branded Design Tokens applied. These libraries need to live side by side, since they are used simultaneously.

In our current workflow, I have a shell script that “clones” a Vanilla Library, and runs a Sketchplugin through the command line to apply branded tokens, and then saves a copy of that Library.

Any ideas on how to get there in Figma? :pray:

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