Duplicating library while retaining component links to original

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I have created a very large library that represents one brand of a multi-brand design system. I now have to duplicate that same library for the other brands in the system (the only difference being colour and fonts). Is there a way for the subsequent brands to be linked to the original, so that I only have to make any required updates to the original library, rather than to each of them individually?

My tests so far include: 1) copying the contents of the library into a new file and 2) duplicating the file - don’t seem to retain those connections to the original library.

Does anyone know is this even possible? I could waste many days trying to find out!

What do you mean by “retaining component links to original”? Do you want the resulting library to only contain instances of the original library (thus it won’t be a library in itself)? Or do you want some other kind of links, which don’t exist in Figma?

Hey Gleb, from your response it sounds like I want ‘some other kind of links, which don’t exist in Figma’!

What I’m trying to achieve, is a set of libraries that are essentially the same as each other, all working as individual component libraries (identical, apart from colours and fonts) that are all connected to a “MASTER” library, which flows change to them all when it’s updated.

Oh and a magical unicorn too please. :wink:

I’m guessing not possible??

Yeah, this isn’t really possible in Figma. I’d like to make a plugin for this, but it would be very complex and slow, and probably expensive, so not entirely sure if anyone would want to buy it. :smiley: A magical unicorn would be perfect haha!

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