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Multibrand Themes

Figma is an awesome tool. It’s been amazing for our Design systems team. However a major feature gap is the ability for the “Asset Library” to support Multiple sub-brands or white-labelling. There are plugins out there that try to hack a solution together but it would be so helpful if the feature could be added natively.

Another blocker is that larger organisation security teams are not found of us designers making API calls to third parties - another big reason why we can’t use plugins with external dependencies like JSbin.

Outside of the multi-brand use case, this feature would also be incredibly useful for freelancers / agencies that need to reskin their design language theme / UX Patterns for client work. It would save so much time. Please, please add this.

In the meantime we will continue to use some internal plugins (native would be so much better!!)

I’m sure many other large design teams or agencies also have a need for this?


Multibrand themes is only one half of it. Tokens need to be comprehensive enough to cover the gamut regarding all modifiers that can be interpreted as CSS values and they need to be easily exported via API or via json/sass/other export.


I’ve tried Themer plug-in which works pretty well.

But this Token Studio as a native feature would be ideal.

Token Studio is heading towards what I was thinking. Whatever this feature ends up like - we just need it to play well with Figma’s Library feature