Track Changes

The Situation

  • I am the owner of a Figma file, and I am typically the one making changes to it.
  • A couple of my colleagues are editors on the files, and once every couple months, they may make an edit.
  • Several of the components I use in my file come from a library.

The Problem

A few months ago, I was working in my Figma file, and I noticed that several of the components looked wrong. After doing some digging, I realized that some of the components that come from the library had been updated, and one of my editor colleagues had accepted all the updates. This took me by surprise, and I had to go carefully through the entire file to see which components needed fixing. I thought about using the version history to revert back to an earlier version. However, by the time I realized that some of the components were broken, I’d already made several new updates of my own to the Figma file, and I didn’t want to revert to an earlier version and lose these updates.

Proposed Solutions

  1. It would be awesome if there were a switch I could flip to ensure that I, as the owner of a file, am the only person who can accept component updates.
  2. It would be great if, when I open a Figma file first thing in the morning, Figma notifies me of what my colleagues modified while I was away.

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