Reject Library changes

Currently, when working in Libraries, Figma picks up changes and in the modal to Publish, you are basically forced to Publish any changes that Figma picks up. There’s no way to “reject” those changes. This adds a layer of complexity because Figma doesn’t say how things got changed, it just says that something changed. So often times, we’re not sure why Figma is saying it got changed when visually things look the same.

We also keep our editor list rather small but it happens often where I log in the morning, see there are changes, ask the team did anyone make changes, and they all say no they didn’t do anything. From that point on, there’s nothing to do but publish those changes which has negative downstream effects to our entire design org who uses our libraries. They see that they need to update their libraries but for no good reason. We do add comments when we publish so we have to say stuff like nothing actually changed, Figma is just picking up changes when there are none.

Does anyone else experience this frustration? Any work arounds?


Yes I do, and no, I don’t have any workarounds for it. I’m staring at an obscenely long list of components Figma says have been “modified” but I have no way - short of doing a risky side-by-side comparison between the library-component and an instance of it - to know what those changes are. I haven’t confirmed this but I’m hearing from other designers that Figma actually marks as modified any component that’s been selected - not changed in any way, just simply selected - which is especially odd. In the same way that we can “reset all overrides” in an instance, I’d appreciate something at the library level that lets me “reset to last publish.”


Yeah we’ve noticed the same thing where it picks up changes if we just select on unlocked layers…it doesn’t seem to happen anymore but when we reached out to Figma support, they did say that should not be happening.

I’m having the same issue as well, and it is quite a bother. Seeing a whole list of random changes that nobody made is not really helping a neat organisation of the library you’re working on. Hopefully Figma will fix this soon

It would be cool if Figma would highlight items on Artboards that have changed in the library.

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I think this is the same problem that I’m experiencing. We have a figma library and only 3 editors. Only 1 is making any changes and publishing. Yet I have 407 unpublished changes (and I KNOW I didn’t make those changes)!!

Why do I see different changes to the main editor who only sees a the handful of changes that she’s making? Do I really need to publish these changes to get in sync with her?


I think everyone who owns a design system goes through this at some point, it’s kind of a mess. I’ve put together a few suggested changes that I think might help with this. I’d love to get your input on them if you have a second. Feature suggestions for publishing components

Same issue here—it’s unclear if what has actually been modified, and which components have simply been selected by someone (and then marked as modified).