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Why are there assets to publish that have not changed?

I’m having trouble keeping my system file up to date. It seems like there are always updates to be made without having changed (or touched) components.

Any ideas how or why this happens?

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+1. I change one icon in my library and when I Publish the change, the file takes a minute to publish because 50 other icons get published too. Makes me not want to make changes :slight_smile:

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I have this problem too. Does Figma track clicking something as a change?

This happens to me so often that I swear Figma calls something changed if I so much as think about it. It’s maddening because your only recourse is to either

  • a) publish it anyway, with a note saying “Sorry for the update, there are no changes,” or
  • b) don’t publish it, and let it languish forever in your list of components that you always have to uncheck.

I don’t mind Figma being twitchy about what’s changed - better safe than sorry - but I do mind not being able to roll back inadvertent changes by saying “Revert this component back to its last published state.” It’s my hope, now that Branches is an established feature, they’ll incorporate branches into component pushing, so that - like developers - we can see what’s different between the current state and the published state. And then, if we want, say “Nope, I don’t want this, undo it back to what it was.”