There should be "Install" button next to "Try it out" button


This is irreplaceable. Sometimes I just came back to the long lost plugin and would like to try it again, which I knew it already how to use it. Why do you make it even more complicate by just creating a useless file for me all the time.

Now I have to delete it every single time I clicked Try it out on community’s plugin page.

Not to mention that you replaced the install button and made the Run button for, whatever, and still I have to look into the more button which you hid the install button in there.

I don’t know what these are for. You used to be an easy person to talk with when I’m in need of a plugin to use, while i’m seriously in the groove for working, not just trying plugins out.

If it’s not this much pain I won’t come here just to type this long. Thank you for listening.

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