How to skip plugin "Try it out", directly to install a plugin just like before

I want to directly install a plugin just like what Figma before did. And bunch of the draft files because of plugin “Try it out” makes a bit annoyed to me.

Does anyone has idea about how to skip the “Try it out” step, directly install a plugin from Figma community? Thanks.

I hope the install button in the community would be added later but at the moment you can’t. However, you don’t have to go to community to get a plugin, just search for plugins directly from the file. Unless you are getting a plugin from an external link or something, in which case yes, this is annoying.

I guess it’s a benefit if you just need to do something simple really quick and then never again. That way it doesn’t clutter your plugin list, that’s nice.

And I case you need it more often, you can install it. But but I don’t like that if you forget to install, plugins will silently get removed from the recents list and then not show up in the cmd+p menu anymore.

So the only way where you are guaranteed to find and run plugins, is from the new menu. And as a side-effect, you’ll never have to install any plugin anymore. (And your problem is solved I guess, lol)

But I think this is not really a problem, because tbh, when was the last time I installed a plugin to use it more than once? And the handful of plugins that I do run more often, I can remember to run them with cmd+p.

Thank you for reply!

Yeah, I like that feature can directly getting a plugin from a file search. Just in some case, I get a list of recommended plugins and I want to install them first in case I forget their name, and then I can use them later, I hope there is an option for this kind of case.

Thank you for reply. Yeah, I agree that way to keep the plugin list be nice and maintainable.

But in some case, from an article or from a friend recommendation, I get a plugin name or a list of plugin names, I want to first have the plugin and then when I need to use I will see whether it is suitable for my needs. And then I can uninstall some plugins that I don’t use often. I guess this problem is kind of about different habits of “shopping”: “first try then buy” or “first buy then try”.

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