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Show flow start points even in Design mode (not just Prototype)

1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

The multiple flow and custom start points are fantastic. Because they are still readable when you zoom out the canvas, I found they also serve as excellent “titles” for my use cases.

Pb 1: You only see them in Prototype mode – not in Design mode.
Pb 2: There is no shortcut to enter Prototype mode - you need to travel to the top right and click the tab, a bit painful.
Pb3: Start points don’t show a tooltip of the entire label when hovered.

Idea: Make it possible to always show the start points, even when the active mode is Design. Make it possible to enter Proto mode more easily (for instance, could clicking a start point in Design mode automatically switch the tool to Proto mode?)

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I’m only talking about the canvas / editor environment. Not the proto “presentation” mode.

Regarding the second point, you can open the Prototype tab by pressing Alt + 9.

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Fantastic tip, thanks! Suggest to add this to tooltips because it’s quite hidden.
Precision, on a Mac it’s the OPTION key (no key labeled “ALT”).

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