Show the Flow Start description in the Prototype tab

If Figma could make the Flow Start description visible in the Prototype tab, rather than hide it behind an ‘Edit Description’ icon, that would help us see out-of-date descriptions easier, and quickly amend them.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Tim_Aldous!

We’ll pass this along to our team for consideration.

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Hi, I would also really benefit from displaying Flow start descriptions in the prototype tab. Designs changes require notes updates, and the current model makes it very difficult to update prototypes with large sets of Flows start sections. Having visible access to the Description notes would be really helpful to speed up annotations for hand-off to engineering, UX and PM teams.

I try to avoid using the description notes because it is so difficult to use, but when I have to use them I often find myself having to Google for where to find the button option. A way I resolve around this issue is to take screenshots of the designs, place them in a Notes app and describe the flows notes there, and if there are design updates (which there always are design updates) I have to rinse-and-repeat the process, just to edit a note.

Please help… “obi wan kenobi, you’re our only hope”

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