Remove all interactions works incorrectly

This just happened to me.

Wanted to remove interactions from an instructional note copied over from another file. I didn’t realize I’d been building on top of the note for ~3 days, with said note functioning as the starting point for all interactions for three super-detailed prototypes on the same page. I was able to retrieve most of what was lost in the version history (not just my work, btw as I was collaborating with another designer), but it’s kind of unbelievable that there’s not an “are you sure” moment or ability to ctrl + z this. Lost a good 20m staring into the void with complete and utter dread when this happened.

I usually have a few months where I’m prototyping like crazy, followed by a period of very little (or very basic) prototyping due to research, workshopping, etc., during which I always lose some of that muscle memory and could easily make a mistake like this again.

A stupid approach to create this command “Remove all interactions” in a single click to waste the huge investment of time and money from the providers