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Problem navigating the project menu

Guys when I run my prototyping, and I’m going to browse the created menus, the preview crashes all the same, it doesn’t even come back with the “R” command, has this happened to anyone? could it be a server problem?

No, usually stuff like this is a local problem. What does the crash look like? Can you share the example file?

First of all, thank you for your attention, Gleb, so as this project is for a company, I’m not sure if I can share it, but yesterday I was looking at the forum and there were other cases of freezes, in one topic the problem was in the event mouse enter and mouse leave, so with that I went on my project and removed it and in fact the freezes have decreased but it is still crashing in some componentized menus with the change to event, I believe that it is a problem in the figma itself I have already tested it in more than 4 machines and in version of the browser and the problem persists … I can’t say why it started because on the 23rd it was normal the next day in the morning at around 8am ~ 9am these problems started, remembering if you have a typo in that topic i apologize because i’m brazilian and i’m using google translator …

You can report this issue and share the file directly with the Figma team via the support request form. Without the file the only thing I can recommend is to simplify your prototype or use another tool for prototyping like ProtoPie or Framer.